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  • Oral Presentation Guidelines

    Keeping in mind the time limit for your Presentation you can prepare your slides accordingly using the guidelines provided below and you can download the PPT Template from our website using this link (Click Here), you are encouraged to follow the order suggested below.

    Time Provided for Presentation : 8 Minutes

    Discussion / Q& A : 2 minutes

    Total : 10 Minutes

    Prepare presentations in the template which we have given in the website, aspect ratio format for widescreen viewing. Use a non-serif font (e.g., Arial)

    • Slide No. 1: Title & Introduction
    • Slide No. 2: Need for the Study, Hypothesis Aims and Objectives of the project.
    • Slide No. 3: List out the Materials & Methods employed for the study.
    • Slide No. 4-6: Discuss the results obtained with Infographics, Tables, etc.
    • Slide No. 7: Brief and concise summary and conclusion of the research project. Prospects of the research project may be added.
    • Slide No. 8: Mention the acknowledgement (if any) and list out the references.

    Poster Guidelines

    Time Provided for Presentation : 5 Minutes

    Discussion / Q& A : 2 minutes

    Total : 7 Minutes

    • A poster should include Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions Recommendations, and acknowledgements.
    • Use short sentences, simple words, and bullets to illustrate the points.
    • Use a non-serif font (e.g., Arial) for the poster.

    Other Guidelines

    • You cannot exceed the time limit given to you at any cost, so plan your presentation accordingly.
    • Make sure you are available in presentation hall at least 30 minutes before the time mentioned in the agenda